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BayCity's latest FiveM release marks a significant leap forward in immersive gameplay and community engagement. With meticulously crafted environments, dynamic missions, and an expansive array of customizable features, players are thrust into a world teeming with possibilities. Whether navigating the bustling streets as a law-abiding citizen, embarking on adrenaline-fueled pursuits as a daring criminal, or enforcing justice as a member of law enforcement, every choice shapes the narrative and influences the city's ever-evolving ecosystem. The release introduces cutting-edge mechanics, including advanced AI behavior, realistic physics simulations, and seamless multiplayer integration, fostering unparalleled realism and excitement for both veteran and novice players alike. Furthermore, BayCity's commitment to fostering a vibrant community shines through in this release, with robust support for modding, dedicated servers, and active forums where players can share experiences, exchange tips, and collaborate on new content. The developers have prioritized player feedback, continuously refining the gameplay experience based on community input, ensuring that each update brings fresh challenges and opportunities for exploration. With its combination of innovative features and a thriving player base, BayCity's newest FiveM release sets a new standard for immersive, community-driven gaming experiences.

New Features

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Custom Map

Realistic Phone

In the 90's

Criminal Organizations

Daily Rewards

Drugs Everywhere

In Game Merchandise

Custom items not available anywhere else


Custom 1 of a kind peds

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The best custom cars

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All kinds of gimmicky items

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Reserve Cars and Roles

Submit car, gang, and job requests