Patch Notes

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Patch 1.3.5

– New Pitchers Bar/Club

– Brought back skills/buffs system

– Added new emotes

– Added in /cid command to easily see your characters unique identiifer

– New “bag over head” item which follows the same requirements as robbing

– Polaroid camera added

– Fixed sending money via phone

– Resolved never bleeding out and respawning issue

– Updated usable items, more fixes coming soon

– Doctor and Ambulance not despawning resolved

– PlasmaTag issues resolved and playable again

– Added correct copper needed for crafting to loot tables

– Removed /helpme command and setup to use the normal call system

– Removed ability to punch while performing an emote

– Updated fuel usage per vehicle type and rpm to be more realistic

– Robbing now requires the other player to now have their hands up, cuffed or be playing dead

– Crafting system updated and public benches currently disabled

– Jobs now apply job specific attire while performing duties

– New character creation peds updated to be dressed and look proper

– Fort Zancudo Drag Strip configured and working

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